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Getting Started with
We're so glad you have joined the Nakanawa TIES alumnae web site!
Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.
1 - How to find a fellow Nakanawa camper, counselor, parent or friend:
1 - On the home page of, click on the Member Search tab located on the left side of the page.
2 - Enter the first or last name of your friend.  For fun, enter, Matens for my friend Margarent Hawkins Matens.  [Just remember.....Last names are tricky!  Some are maiden names, some are married names.  Try a first name search if you get stuck.]
3 - Wow!  Three Matens appear..... Murray, Dana, and Margaret.  At this point, I can do a few things.
  • I can click on Margaret's name so that I can see her entire profile.  (It's within this profile that I can find Margaret's email address.  You can either click on her email, or copy her email to paste into your own email program.)  You can also see all of the information that Margaret entered upon registration.  (Granted, that information that she wants to make public.)
  • You can "message" Murray, Dana or Margaret.  Just click on the Message Member  icon.  This is a fast and easy way to send a message, via the TIES web site, to your friend.  It's great that your friend gets an email notification that she has a message waiting for her in
  • You can ask one or all of the Matens to connect with you.  (This is like the Facebook "add a friend" feature.)  Just click on the Add Connection icon.  If I send this "connection" invitation to Margaret, and she accepts we have a link (or a bridge) to her profile page.  It makes it really easy for me to just click on her name [or picture if she has one] to check up on her.  I don't have to search for Margaret again....she's listed right there on my own profile page.  How easy!
2 - How to find my Tent Row.....This is a similar search.....  
1 - On the home page of, click on the Member Search tab located on the left side of the page.
2 - Click on the drop down arrow of the first line, Group.  click on your Tent Row Year.  (Remember, TR Year is your high school graduation year minus one.  Though you might not have continued through Tent Row.....we love you and want you to attend every TR reunion.)  Let's enter my TR year....TR '75.
3 - Wow! Quite a few of my fellow campers  appear in Tent Row '75!  Those who have already joined TIES show up as a member.  I can click on their name (to view their profile or send an email), I can send a message, or add them as a connection.  [ I covered this above.]  What's so cool, is I can see Kate Brock (sorry to use you as my example,  Kate!) who was in my 1st year Senior cabin, but stopped coming to camp.  I can invite her to join.....We can reconnect! "How ya doin' Kate?" 
4 - Now take the next step..... Invite your friend to join TIES, just by clicking on that line.  It's easy.  If you have any information about missing friends, click on Do you have information on her?  Find your entire Tent Row.  It will make that next reunion even sweeter.
5 - You can search on any and all groups listed in the drop down box next to Group
6 - You can also search by city and state.  I wish that I had access to this right out of college.  Pennsylvania might not feel so far away!
3 - How to post a picture on my own Profile Page......
1 - Make certain you know where your digital picture is located on your computer.  [By this I mean, know which path or folders it resides on your computer.]
2 - Once you have registered, and from your own profile page, click under the photo frame where it says add photo. 
3 - It will then let you Browse for your picture on your own PC.  Just click on Browse. 
Enter your path name [so that your picture can be taken from your PC and stored in the picture frame on your profile page.]
4 - Voila!  Your photo!  I am trying to find some OLD camp pictures so I can create a 70's photo album.  More on that later.
Hope this helps!  I will be posting more tips on getting started.   If you would like to add some "getting started" instructions, email us at  Stay tuned.....
** Shelly Duer Landau TR '75 **
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