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Frequently Asked Questions
This will be expanded as questions are asked....So please ask by emailing us at .  Donya, Margaret & Shelly
1 -I am having trouble just entering  site.  What do you think the problem is?    
Our Web site does NOT support the AOL Web browser.

How to get around this problem...

Once you have connected to the Internet via AOL, open the program Internet Explorer, a standard web browsing application found on every PC. It is the blue "e" icon that is found on your desktop or programs listing. Please note: if you connect to the Internet via Cable or DSL, your Internet connection is "always on" and may not require you to connect to AOL. You can just open Internet Explorer and go directly to our web site's address
Let us know if you are still having problems and we'll walk you through process. Contact us at and we'll get you on track.
2 -I am trying to register for an event like the TIES Service Weekend, or the TIES Mother/Daughter Weekend.  When I get to the point to pay for the weekend, it asks me if I want to purchase "ticktets!"  What are "tickets!"  I just want to pay for the weekend.
Good question!  "Tickets" are just the general way of allowing you to pay for the event.  (Our website is designed for many "communities" throughout the world.  This was the most general way of designating entry to an event.)  Our "tickets" are for a weekend in the woods,  not an entry to a Broadway show!  (I like the weekend at Nakanawa better, don't you?) 
3 - What does "LOST MEMBER" mean?
Our data base includes members and non-members.  Members have actually logged into the web site and registered.  Non-members have not officially logged in and registered.  A LOST MEMBER is a non-member.  We actually might have some information about this person.  If you find a LOST MEMBER, and you know their whereabouts, please encourage them to log onto our web site and register. 
We also have many, many past campers and counselors who are  truely LOST. Search your Tent Row or counselor staff person-by-person and try to locate those that are missing from the list.  This will be a great help in finding every Nakanawa alum.  Thanks.
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